Occlusion, Tinnitus and Reverb Tails

Implementation techniques in UE4 using FMOD

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 12.40.57.png

Occlusion, varying reverb tails and tinnitus demonstration

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 12.49.34.png

A narrated explanation

This is a demonstration of adaptive grenade explosion characteristics in UE4. All sounds were created and implemented by me. The grenade explosion was made using recordings of hitting a tub, ripping paper, fire and clanging metal.


A game I built in Unity (implementation in FMOD)

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 13.03.42.png

Full playthrough

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 13.02.04.png

Narrated video explaining wind implementation

Gatherer is a game I built in Unity using FMOD middleware to implement the sounds. All the sounds were recorded and implemented by me bar one or two library sounds which are Iayered in with my own.


The dialogue was performed by actor Linda Ekman - https://www.mandy.com/actor/profile/linda-ekman

Rock Racer

A game I built in Unreal (implemented direct in Blueprints, no middleware)

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 13.18.58.png

Highlights from Rock Racer

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 13.19.25.png

Narrated video explaining engine implementation

Rock Racer is a game I built in UE4. All the sounds were recorded, designed and implemented by myself directly into Blueprints. I try to avoid using library whenever possible so I made the buggy engine from my recordings of a chainsaw and a transit van.


Credit goes to Fabian at NeoX for creating the environment for the game - http://neoxdev.bplaced.net/

Survival Shooter

Sound redesign and implementation with Unity and Wwise

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 13.26.27.png

30 second playthrough

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 13.26.50.png

Narrated video explaining sound design and implementation

Survival Shooter is a demo game that is available on the Unity store and there is an FMOD tutorial video explaining implementation techniques using FMOD. I wanted to challenge myself to redesign the sound for the game and implement all the sound using Wwise instead of FMOD.

Frostpunk Redesign

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 12.59.11.png

BioShock 2 Redesign

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 13.31.32.png

Bodycount Redesign

Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 22.34.22.png

Space Ape Games Commissions

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 13.35.16.png

Completed various tasks for Space Ape Games including composition of their idents and sound design and music arrangement for online trailers. The video above is an example of two such projects.

Abilities Demo Reel

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 13.41.18.png

Ability sound redesigns I’ve completed to demonstrate my design capabilities.


- Monster Hunter World (Capcom)

- Infamous Second Son (Sucker Punch Productions)

- Dauntless (Phoenix Labs)

- Overwatch (Blizzard Entertainment)