Train Sim World 2


In my position at Dovetail Games, I work solely on TSW2. I carry out all possible audio tasks in the role from VO editing to mixing.

Subconscious Games -


Subconscious Games

Since January 2020 I've been working with Subconscious Games on their new title Cornucopia. The contract sees me essentially 'throwing assets over the wall' and delivering assets on request. There is no implementation involved in the contract. All other information about the game is currently restricted through the NDA.

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Banijay Music

Album Production

Not directly gaming related but my work at Banijay Music saw me working on various production music albums. I worked with many producers and composers on a range of different genres with responsibility for taking albums from concept to completion through creative direction. On the left is an example track I commissioned from Stephen Cornish that was used by Riot Games in Valorant for Sage's theme.